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The Best Hot Wings in the City

Houston Hot Wings is intended to be established as an LLC. With the expectation of rapid expansion in the fast food and restaurant industry, this company will be committed to providing hot and delicious wings to our customers with exceptional customer service. We will utilize high quality products at a great value. The aim is for Houston Hot Wings to become the leader in the wings industry. My company will foster excellent service, help to create community gather, innovate new methods of serving and help with growth in the economy.

Angela Josiah is a native Houstonian for 30 years. She was born and raised in Nigeria, married with five children. She is a registered Nurse, Bachelors in Environmental Health and Safety. Certified in food Management. My passion was completely in the food industry. I am blessed with five awesome children; they are between the ages of 29 and 19 years old. The first is a nurse practitioner, 2nd medical Doctor, 3rd Registered Nurse and the last two now in College. So I decided that this is the right time for me to follow my passion.

Why will customers choose me
We will promote excellent customer service, quality of the food will also be our top priority, we will be website friendly. It will be easy for customers to order, excellent location and a very good price, also well trained Team to handle our customers need. We will create a clean and fun environment, fast and friendly. My restaurant will be upcoming local favorite for a casual night out with friends. My customers will be treated with respect and my team is passionate about offering excellent and friendly service. No hassle parking. It will be fast and convenient for those on the go.
Our mission is to BE THE BEST HOT WINGS in Houston

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